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There was a smoothie vendor in Vietnam who specialized in avocado smoothies, despite the fact that avocados aren’t a generally eaten fruit in the country as a whole. Avocados are a minor crop in Vietnam, especially when compared to other fruits grown and manufactured locally. From what I recall, the flavor of avocados grown in Vietnam was not especially powerful. These factors most likely explain why it had such a quiet debut in Vietnam.

Make the recipe below your own by lowering the quantity of condensed milk asked for and substituting sugar or maple syrup for some of it. Even though I used soymilk instead of cow’s milk, the one I prepared today was delicious. If the finished dish is too sweet, add a few drops of lime juice. I added some grated dark chocolate and ate it with a spoon as a little dessert to enjoy after supper.

You may have the avocado smoothie right away, but the flavor is much better if you let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes before cooling it. Avocado taste appears, which is characterized as buttery and grassy. It was OK after spending the day and night in the refrigerator. After 48 hours, there was discolouration on top and the flavor had dropped slightly.

Avocado Smoothie RECIPE

1 Sinh to Bo

1 serving yield


1/2 an avocado that is ripe but not overripe
12 cup (120 ml) ice, 4 ice cubes
2 teaspoons liberally measured sweetened condensed milk (standard or coconut)
13 cup (90 mL) milk in its entirety, soy milk, or oat milk
If desired, season with sea salt for an additional savory kick.


  1. Place the avocado flesh in a blender container. Bring to a boil before adding the rest of the ingredients. If you like a thinner consistency, taste it and add additional milk as needed. This stage is determined on the type of avocado you select.
  2. Allow the dish to rest for ten to fifteen minutes at room temperature before serving, or chill it in the refrigerator for up to twenty-four hours.

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