Decadent Treats

Popcorn Sundae

This dish includes something for everyone, from young children to grown ups.

The dessert consists of alternating layers of crispy popcorn and creamy decadent ice cream, and it is topped with whipped cream and the dessert syrup of your choice. At a popcorn sundae bar stocked with transparent cups, serving spoons, and all the fixings for self-serve, scrumptious fun, your party attendees will have a great time crafting their own delectable concoctions to enjoy at your celebration.

The goods include caramel flavored popcorn, ice cream of your choice (I like to use plain french vanilla), and fun toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles, which are optional but highly recommended.

To Do: Layer caramel bliss popcorn and your ice cream in a staggered fashion inside of each and every transparent cup. Adding whipped cream and the toppings of your choice will bring your gourmet creation to a satisfying conclusion.

Delicious Advice:
Retain It Crunchy: The sugary-sweet coating on the popcorn or other sweet varieties helps keep the crispiness in the popcorn as it’s nestled amid the ultra cold ice cream.

Alternatives: You shouldn’t restrict yourself to only caramel bliss, chocolate syrup, and Vanilla ice cream (even if doing so would undoubtedly be delicious!). To truly allow your guests engage in their own creativity while constructing sundaes, shake things up by providing a variety of sweet popcorn, dot toppings, and syrups in a few various flavors. Why not try strawberry and butter popcorn? You never know!

Where to get it: One of our favorite riverfront restaurants in Atlanta is Canoe, where they serve this scrumptious dessert. If you plan on eating at the restaurant, make sure to get a reservation! You’ll understand why once you see the line out the door. Or.. why not order dessert takeout and enjoy the sundae at a park with a luxury picnic Atlanta set up? What more could you possibly do to enjoy your day at the park?!

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